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Lake PR Consulting is a national communications firm

We understand how challenging it may be to get your company's story publicized in a relevant way. That's why we established Lake PR Consulting, a cutting-edge strategy that helps level the playing field and provide everyone with the platform they require to be heard.

Not only do we offer basic PR packages that get you published in some great news outlets. We also offer custom packages that include a custom high-end website, SEO packages, branding, advertisement management, and even exclusive coverage in the most sought-after news outlets.

By delivering intriguing, interesting, and timely news stories to readers all around the world, our staff has devoted years to establishing credibility and confidence. By working with Lake PR Consulting, we can guarantee publications on some of the most important news sites across a variety of media channels without wasting time, money, effort, or talent on pitching.

We are certain that our solution gives you a strong platform that will enable your message to swiftly reach its target audience



Cole is a seasoned businessman who has founded and grown numerous enterprises. Cole understands how hard it is for businesses to differentiate themselves from the competition and believes every small business should be on the same playing field as large corporations. Large corporations have an unlimited amount of capital and connections that allow them to be brand leaders. Cole prides himself on using his connections with news outlets and other pr related sources to help businesses of all sizes grow at a rate they would otherwise not be able to.

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Everyone should have the opportunity to communicate their message.


Equal Opportunity

We think there are businesses, brands, and prominent individuals who carry out worthwhile activities that the general public should be aware of.

Free Speech

America was established on the principle of free speech, and we think the media should uphold that principle.

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